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Have you ever wondered how to make sense of the Bible as a Christian struggling with disordered eating? Do you have a hard time understanding how Christianity fits into recovery? Do you lack the tools, confidence and accountability to improve your relationship with food & body image?

You're not the only one. Join a community today.

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I know what it’s like to feel lost, lonely and distracted when it comes to food and body image.

Fixating on your food choices and body size is not going to bring you the lasting peace and joy you’re looking for.

After being a registered dietitian for a few years, I began to notice the clients I was seeing were really struggling to feel loved and accepted -- struggling to see themselves the way Jesus sees all of us.

And honestly, they were confused about what the bible says about food and eating -- so much so that it was damaging their relationship with God and preventing them from restoring their relationship with food and their body.

I've coupled my experience as a registered dietitian with my faith to create this cohort as a space to encourage you to stop dieting and truly start taking care of your mind and body -- all so you can embrace your God-given identity, cultivate a fulfilling life and pursue your purpose.

Join us as we navigate how to overcome food and body image concerns & embrace who God says we are. This cohort is rooted in non-diet principles and biblical scriptures.

Lesson Topics:

1. You were made on purpose, for a purpose

2. Thoughts & beliefs: where'd you learn that?

3: Body image: from judgment to care

4. Food: a good gift from God

5. Embracing your identity in Christ

What's included?

As part of the cohort, you'll receive:

1. Weekly modules (text & audio based)

2. Weekly downloadable handout (scripture & journaling questions)

3. Weekly group coaching calls (includes a lesson + discussion. 
plus, the lesson will be recorded so you can listen later)

Bonus: you'll also be part of a group chat where you
can talk with other participants throughout the month!

Modules are available every Monday morning, starting August 31st.
Cohort meets virtually every Wednesday in September from 7-8pm EST.

5 weeks.
5 lessons.
5 group coaching calls.
5 helpful resources.
Ample reflection questions. 
1 baseline assessment. 
1 post assessment.
7 spots.

*This course is not a replacement for individual sessions with your registered dietitian or therapist.

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